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Chiropractor Lehi UT Steven Roushar Meet The Team


Steven Roushar D.C.

Dr. Steven is full of enthusiasm, energy, and zest for life, and believes that starts by living life at an optimal health level. He is passionate about chiropractic and the innate power it gives people to live in a healthier, happier, and more advantageous way.

Dr. Steven is focused on Facilitating Life-long Optimal Wellness (FLOW) in his patients so that they too may live life at a higher level and be empowered in health and life.

He received his undergraduate degree in Exercise Science at Brigham Young University and completed his Doctor of Chiropractic Degree at Northwestern Health Sciences University in Minnesota, where he is from. Dr. Steven is a member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA) through which he is specially trained in prenatal and pediatric care. Additionally, he is Webster’s Technique certified and trained in craniosacral, tonal, drop, activator, and other gentle techniques.

Working with expectant mothers, infants, and children is his passion and expertise as he has spent countless hours learning how these populations can be healthier and happier through chiropractic care and other natural health solutions. Dr, Steven dealt with chronic ear infections, ADHD, and torticollis as a child, and where western medicine continued to fail, chiropractic helped him to overcome these health concerns. Dr. Steven loves to pay it forward and help all members of the family become healthier through chiropractic care!

Aside from Chiropractor and Prenatal/Pediatric Specialist, Dr. Steven is proud to hold the titles of Husband, Father, and King of Silly Human Tricks. In his time off he loves playing with his kids, writing music, skateboarding, being active, and enjoying all that the Utah nature has to offer. He is married to Marie, (who helps manage the business), and has five amazing kids Eleanor, Oliver, Gilbert, Felix, and Jeremiah.

Chiropractor Lehi UT Alexis Wien Meet The Team


Alexis Wien D.C.

Chiropractic changed Dr. Alexis’ life several times. When she was in high school, an ankle adjustment on a 5-month-old injury allowed her to walk normally again before her long trip to Africa. In college, chiropractic adjustments alleviated Dr. Alexis’ chronic back pain and allowed her to have more energy and focus to enjoy her life at a higher level.

Ultimately, chiropractic gave Dr. Alexis a fervor for life and wellness that no other profession ever had. She loves to help others through chiropractic the way that she was helped.

Dr. Alexis is passionate about restoring function and balance to people’s lives through nervous system-based chiropractic care. She is especially enthusiastic about empowering women through chiropractic and continues to travel around the country to teach, learn and perfect her craft. Dr. Alexis is a member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA) through which she is specially trained in prenatal and pediatric care. She is Webster’s Technique certified and trained in craniosacral, tonal, drop, activator, and other gentle techniques.

Dr. Alexis graduated with a Bachelor's in Kinesiology from Texas A&M University and with a Doctorate of Chiropractic from Parker University in Dallas, TX. She is originally from Texas and moved to Utah to join FLOW Chiropractic in our mission to create a healthier and happier world through Facilitating Life-long Optimal Wellness (FLOW). Dr. Alexis loves her friends and family, Texas A&M football, cats, softball, snowboarding, and music.

Chiropractic Lehi UT Brianna Blaylock Meet The Team

Chiropractic Assistant

Brianna Blaylock

Brianna has seen a chiropractor regularly for almost her whole life! She loves being adjusted and sees how it changes lives. Brianna enjoys working at FLOW and being part of the family-like atmosphere. She loves to work with children and has especially enjoyed seeing FLOW kids improve and reach their health goals.

Brianna received her Bachelor's degree in Behavioral Science with an emphasis in Family Studies at Utah Valley University. Before working at FLOW, she took many work and volunteer positions that specialize in childcare, including volunteering at Primary Children's Hospital.

Outside of work, Brianna plays pickleball and has fallen in love with SUP paddle boarding. She enjoys playing with children and living life to the fullest every day, including adventures with her husband Alek and spending time with family. Brianna also enjoys playing with their puppy, Shadow, music, movies, board games, camping, and trying new things.

Chiropractic Lehi UT Kandace Carter Meet The Team


Kandace Carter

Kandace is thrilled to be a member of the team at FLOW Chiropractic! She has seen chiropractic help her in many areas of her health and well-being as she has dealt with many different health concerns throughout her life. She loves getting to know the patients on a more personal level and interacting with each of them and their families as they become part of the FLOW family.

Kandace especially loves all the babies and kiddos that come into our office. She has extensive experience with working with children, customer service, and customer care throughout her years and has always enjoyed meeting new people and learning how she can help them. Kandace thrives on building relationships, as she is a social butterfly.

Kandace was recently married to her Hubby Tyson and the two of them are enjoying their life together as newlyweds. Some of Kandace's hobbies are watching movies, playing games, and doing anything outdoors especially when it’s with Tyson. Kandace is a self-proclaimed dog lover and spends time with dogs any chance she gets.

Chiropractic Lehi UT Marie Roushar Meet The Team

Business Manager

Marie Roushar

Marie loves kids and is passionate about helping them live their fullest potential with a life full of joy! With a background as a therapist in Mental Health Counseling, her compassion and understanding for others run deep.

Having been introduced to chiropractic care by her husband (Steven), Marie has since researched, seen, and experienced firsthand how chiropractic truly helps to optimize the health and the brain-to-body connection of those who utilize it.

Marie received her undergraduate degree in Sociology at Brigham Young University and completed her Master of Social Work there as well. She went on to get her license to practice therapy specializing in helping kids with attachment disorders. Currently, she helps to manage the business, focusing primarily on HR, business systems and strategizing.

Marie is currently a stay-at-home mom to five beautiful, busy, and fun children Eleanor, Oliver, Gilbert, Felix, and Jeremiah. Marie also loves to hike, read, garden, bake and laugh.


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