Chiropractic Testimonials

"Dr. Steven Roushar truly cares about helping patients find relief. Working with him and the amazing staff, Lauri and Brianna, has helped me so much in preparing my body for a VBAC birth. So grateful to find people who genuinely know how the body works to increase comfort and alignment. Can’t recommend FLOW Chiropractic enough!!"

- Nicole E.

"I drive from Payson for good reasons! Steven is wonderful! He is not only friendly and thoughtful, but he is knowledgeable and talented! I feel like I am always getting the best adjustment because he is trained in many chiropractic methods and he always is able to pinpoint trouble areas and address them. He will always ask how I am feeling and is thorough and personalized in the adjustment. He will explain what he is doing and how it should positively affect you. After only a few adjustments, my painful head and neck aches have subsided! He also takes advantage of technology that helps give you a good picture of how your spine and muscles are working, beyond just an x-ray. Amazing work!"

- Nicole O.

"There’s lots of good things to say about Dr. Roushar and Flow Chiropractic, so here I go: I started seeing him over 2 years ago when I was dealing with a lot of pain plus migraines, which I had suffered for years. After his treatment I felt so much better, I finally had relief, my migraines were going away, I could function properly, and just was seeing improvements in lots of areas pain-wise. I was so happy when I found him and to be under his care. Another reason I recommend Dr. Roushar is because he helped my dad tremendously. My dad is 77 years old and had been having so much knee pain, it was getting to be unbearable for him to walk. We visited two orthopedic surgeons, they had no answers, no solutions to how to get my dad feeling better, it was very frustrating. I brought him into Flow Chiropractic and after a couple of months of treatment, we saw huge improvements. My dad is still under his care but he can already walk again and the pain is almost gone. I’m so grateful he helped my dad, it was hard seeing how he was suffering because he was so limited by the pain, and seeing his improvement has been great. This year I also went back because being pain-free is awesome and my body was needing a little help again. I’m also taking my toddler to see him and I’ve recommended him to other family and friends. My family loves Flow Chiropractic, the staff is always sweet and we are happy with their care and what they’ve done for us. Thank you Dr. Roushar."

- Ivette P.

"I started seeing Dr. Roushar 1 month after having my baby! He was so gentle with my baby and was able to get him adjusted and helped with his reflux! He has also helped adjust me and get me aligned post baby! I would recommend him to anyone who wants post partum help or who need a pediatric chiropractor!"

- Damaris B.

"Dr. Roushar has been amazing in helping me recover from ankle and jaw surgeries. I used to think chiropractic was just for the back and neck, but it really helps heal the entire body! I would highly recommend Flow Chiropractic for anyone who has experienced physical trauma to speed healing and get back to feeling like yourself again."

- Yvette J.

"All I can say is: FANTASTIC! I came in with neck and foot pain and now it's all gone! I feel so great now! I'd recommend FLOW Chiropractic to everyone!! They have great service, they listen and they explain whats going on with your body and give you options that work best for you and your family's needs. Very personable people. Dr. Roushar and Lauri know the names of everyone who comes in and treat everyone like family. Come visit them! You will not regret it!"

- Sierra L.


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